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Laos Day Tour is managed by Hello Laos Travel.

Specializing in offering Laos tours with unique experience and high-quality services, we are a professional  local mate in your trip to Laos. We always want to help travelers in the world explore the best of Laos where offers a primitive natural treasure, diverse culture, numerous architectural heritages as well as tranquil atmosphere.  With dedicated and  experienced teams, we promises to bring you a memorable trip of your lifetime.

Leisurely walk and admire the elegance of this mystic land with us – live your dream and do it in style

Hello Laos Travel team is proud to be your local tour operator in Laos, providing the best in quality, unique experience and value in every aspect.

To ensure a long-term brand-name with great customer service and exclusive products, we always strictly follow our discipline and core values.

Core value:

We always develop reliable and open communications.

We deeply appreciate and respect each other’s attempt because we do believe in  people’s goodwill.

We understand that we are all equal, so our golden rule is “Treat others how you want to be treated.”

We always be here to help visitors enjoy their trip of the lifetime.

In the spirit of these values, Hello Laos Travel also commit that:

Your privacy is highly protected: we always keep our users’ names and contact information privately.

We always provide high-quality services which ensure you have great experience.

Information and assistance are always at your disposal every time you need.

  • We consider personal interview with each travel expert in detail one of the most important factor to select consultants with the aim of determining their expertise and service levels. We precisely test them to classify their specialization at classic or adventure tour and assure that they understand budget travel to luxury packages.
  • We send our travel experts to inspect all destinations and services they sell as well as have authentic experiences about those products in advance and then they officially provide them to customers.
  • We review all examples of their tailor-made travel itineraries step by step.
  • We continuously follow up client testimonials to understand clients’ need and then choose the most suitable course to train our travel experts and improve their skills.

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Apart from getting visa of Lao PDR through traditional ways at Embassy or Consulates, travelers of most nationals can obtain Lao visa upon arrival – at International airport of Vientiane, Luang Prabang, Pakse, Savanakhet and at various border crossing points with the neighboring countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and China.

Except some countries from Africa and Asia (Muslim countries), the visa on arrival is allowed for most of tourists and is not required for citizens of some countries from Southeast Asia, Russia, Switzerland, Brazil….


There are 3 international airports in Vientiane, Pakse and Luang Prabang, Many choices for you such as: Thai Airways (TG), Bangkok Airways (PG) (Luang Prabang only), AirAsia (AK) (Vientiane only), Lao Airlines (QV), Cambodia Angkor Air (K6), and Vietnam Airlines (VN). Nowadays you can take direct flight from Singapore, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Korea to Laos.


You can travel to Laos throughout the year. Even summer is favorable for a tour if the clients do not mind the very hot weather. The landscapes are much greener due to a lot of rains. The main problem is the impracticability of some roads and trails during the summer.

It should be noted that the practice of shifting cultivation by farmers during the months of March and April, can cause respiratory discomfort for those in not such good health condition. Such cases are rare, but worth noting.

In general, October to April is the best time in the years to visit Laos with nice weather.


Yes! The earlier you book, the better services you can receive such as: available hotel rooms, best guide, good vehicles and so on. Many tours are booked nearly one year ahead.


Yes, many banks available for currency exchange. It’s more favorable for you to exchange your US Dollars into local currency (Lao Kip) and use in purchasing meals, drinks and for your discretionary spending.


In Laos, you can find ATM machines. However, only money in Lao kip is available and not all these machines are still working.  In most expensive hotels, restaurants and shops, you could pay via your credit card but add on a commission. Both US dollars and Thai baht are interchangeable with Lao kip, so when paying in dollars or baht you could the change in Dollars, Baht or Kip. Other currencies including Euros, Australian dollars and Japanese yen are also able to be changed at banks


Although, recent years Vang Vieng has developed rapidly with many concrete guesthouses in the centre of riverfront area, there are still some good spots for families.

Located right on the river, the Thavisouk hotel & resort will be the best choice. It only takes 5 minute walk to the central town but you are separated from the hustle and bustle of the town. With only 38$, it is truly good value for your money because the rooms are brand new overlooking the spectacular views of river and mountain.

The “Blue lagoon” area now has a kids swimming area with boards to make sure the safe depth of just 40cm. There is also a safe waterslide for older kids. These are all inside a fenced kids area.

There are a lot of children biking on road to the Blue lagoon, playing and swimming in the natural pond or kayaking on the river. So, this is actually a great place to spend time together and enjoy different activities.


During your journey, you should wear light, loose clothing. Short-sleeved shirts and light trousers are highly recommended. Wearing long light trousers helps you avoid being bitten by insects. You should not wear halter tops (necks) and hot pants because Lao people are offended by tight and overly revealing clothing. For footwear, the best choice is sports shoes or walking boots as it can be slippery in villages in rainy season. Remember to carry a hat and sunglasses in sunny days and sweater, socks, and a casual jacket, windbreaker or anorak in winter to keep warm.

If you have any question or inquiry, do not hesitate to contact us using the information listed below:

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You also can fill up the form below and our team will reply within 24 hours (working days). If you are already in contact with a travel consultant, you can directly send your requests by email.

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