Champasak – The Tranquility on the Land of Laos

Champasak is a province in the southern Laos, near the shared borders with Thailand and Cambodia. Its rich cultural ruins include around 20 temples bearing the traditional Khmer, and numerous French colonial structures. The capital town of Champasak is Pakse, which has become a famous destination of Laos tourism.

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History of Champasak

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In the period of 1st to 9th centuries AD, the province of Champasak was a part of the Funan and then the Chenla kingdoms. Then it was part of the Khmer Empire from the 10th to 13th centuries. The Angkor Empire came to decline when it was annexed by the Lan Xang before the independence of Laos Kingdom. Pakse, the capital of Champasak, was controlled by the French in the year 1905 as an administrative station in the region.

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After the establishment of Laos PDR, Champasak became an important part of the country near the borders with the two neighbors including Thailand and Cambodia.

Things to see and do in Champasak

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Surprisingly, the Champasak is not really a tourist destination despite home to a World Heritage Site – Wat Phu and the attractive Pakse. It’s also on the way to Si Phan Don (4000 Islands) with the famous Don Khong, Don Khon, and Don Det, making the region being one of the most popular Laos destinations.


The most famous attraction in Champasak would be the UNESCO World Heritage Wat Phu (also called Wat Phou). This AC. 12th century Hindu temple was built in hey days of the Khmer Empire, followed the style of Angkor. However, the temple is still in use as a Buddhist one by the Laotian.

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Its layout is absolutely impressive, consisting of 2 massive barays, numerous old crumbling structures and a range of ancient steps leading to the slope of the mountain where a stunning cluster of other buildings stands. From the top of Wat Phu Temple, travelers will have an astonishing view of Champasak harmony with the mighty Mekong River.

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Additionally, the town of Champasak also features other interesting attractions including the renowned Khone Phapheng Waterfalls, the Lingaparvata sacred mountain, To Mo ruins, and Wat Nang Sida Temple…

How to get to Champasak?

From the transport hub of the region – Pakse, travelers can easily reach the town in different ways. You can take a bus service, a minivan or even a boat trip along the Mekong to get to other attractions in Champasak Laos. Besides, riding a motorcycle on the dirt roads of the region will be an amazing experience for adventure lovers. You can rent a motorbike in the town of Pakse, go south and cross the Mekong River via the Lao-Nippon friendship bridge. After around 1.5km, turn left into a quiet road to reach the destination.

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