Laos Destinations

You are looking for some interesting Laos destinations to make a plan for your travel in Laos? You can find here! Known as the only land-locked country in Southeast Asia and cannot offer awesome beach holidays like other countries, Laos still has its own fascination in each area. Have you ever heard about some nice places to visit in Laos such as Luang Prabang, Vientiane, Vang Vieng, Pakse, …? And what they offer do you know? Let’s take time learning about them or read more Laos travel guide to plan your perfect Laos tours!

Top 5 Best Places for Trekking in Laos

Trekking in Laos proved to be extremely alluring, especially to those who prefer challenges. Interestingly, Laos is also where off-track trekking is always attractive as tourists can discover many things, from ... Read more →

Bolaven Plateau – The Paradise of Spectacular Waterfalls

Bolaven is a high land region in the South of Laos. Most of the plateau belongs to the area of Champasak, and the edges are located in the Sekong and Attapeu provinces of Laos. Being home to numerous beautiful ... Read more →

Top 5 Best Places for Honeymoon in Laos

Laos may not the first comes into your mind when planning a honeymoon trips as it recently became a prominent option. However, Laos is truly one of honeymoon destinations in Asia that worth a go thanks to its l ... Read more →

Champasak – The Tranquility on the Land of Laos

Champasak is a province in the southern Laos, near the shared borders with Thailand and Cambodia. Its rich cultural ruins include around 20 temples bearing the traditional Khmer, and numerous French colonial st ... Read more →

Pakse – The Mysterious Fairy Land in Laos

Pakse is the capital of Champasak Province, located in the south of Laos. The city is situated at the confluence of Mekong and Xe Don River with the fascinating panorama of mountains, forests, rivers and local ... Read more →

Si Phan Don (4000 Islands) – Picture on the Mekong River

Si Phan Don, meaning 4000 Island in Laos, is a riverine archipelago lied in the Mekong River. Belonged to Champasak Province, this attraction is characterized by an infinite number of islands in which the most ... Read more →

Vientiane – Where There is a Little Peace

Vientiane is the capital city and also the largest city of Laos, located on the banks of Mekong River close to the shared border with Thailand. Compared to other capitals in other Southeast Asian nations, the c ... Read more →

Vang Vieng – The Destination of Mysterious Interests

Vang Vieng is a tourist-oriented town belonging to Vientiane Province, about 4 hours driving from the capital city. Located on the banks of Nam Song River, the town is like a staging post between Luang Prabang ... Read more →

Luang Prabang – The Fascination of Buddha Land

Located in the north central of Laos, the silent and lovely Luang Prabang City is one of the most famous destinations in Southeast Asia. The city is also known as the former royal capital city of the country in ... Read more →