Bolaven Plateau – The Paradise of Spectacular Waterfalls

Bolaven is a high land region in the South of Laos. Most of the plateau belongs to the area of Champasak, and the edges are located in the Sekong and Attapeu provinces of Laos. Being home to numerous beautiful waterfalls, breathtaking sceneries, idyllic tribe villages, and unexploded sites, Bolaven Plateau is becoming one of the most regarding Laos destinations.

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Bolaven Plateau Overview

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The Plateau is situated in an old volcano mountain that erupted millions years ago. The area is located 50km to the South of Laos. The people living in Bolaven Plateau Laos are almost the Laven, and the others are Mon-Khmer, Alak, Katu, Taoy, and Suay people. The culture of the region thus is very unique with the harmony of minority groups.

Bolaven Plateau

The highland region has played an important role in history of the country. It passed 3 most significant historical periods which effected by the French colonization, the Phu Mi Bun Revolt, and the Indochina War.

How to get to Bolaven Plateau?

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There are many ways to reach the Bolaven Plateau, both by private vehicles and public transportation. The daily buses to Paksong, Salavan, and Sekong can drop you off at any stop on the way. You can also rent a car (with driver or not) or a motorbike from the town of Pakse and get to the region.

Where to stay in Bolaven Plateau?

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Bolaven accommodation and cuisine facilities are almost located in Paksong and Tad Lo. Travelers can stay at a resort near the waterfalls or local home-stay along the road.

Things to see and do in Bolaven Plateau

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The land of Bolaven Plateau is covered with coffee and tea plantations, as well as dramatic waterfalls, including Tad Lo and Tad fane Waterfalls, and lush green jungles. Situated on an altitude of over 1000m above the sea level, the weather in the region is cooler than others in the country, allowing more comfortable experiences for foreign visitors.

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Taking a motorcycle trip in Bolaven Plateau, travelers will have a fascinating experience when discovering the lush plantations, exploring stunning waterfalls, and visiting Thateng Integrated Organic Farm.

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When being in Bolaven Plateau, travelers can reach tribe villages to understand their daily life and rustic culture. Do not miss the chance to try Laos coffee and buy some for souvenir when return. You will find the adventure in Bolaven is one of the worthiest things to do in Laos.

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