Si Phan Don (4000 Islands) – Picture on the Mekong River

Si Phan Don, meaning 4000 Island in Laos, is a riverine archipelago lied in the Mekong River. Belonged to Champasak Province, this attraction is characterized by an infinite number of islands in which the most famous ones are Don Khong (the largest), Don Det, and Don Khon. The region now is one of the best destinations of Laos tourism and attracts both domestic and foreign travelers.

Si Phan Don

About Si Phan Don

The 4000 Islands in the Mekong is considered a unique and mystical where visitors can mingle in the majestic nature of Mekong and explore hidden Laotian villages along the riverside. When floating on the waterways of Si Phan Don, travelers will have the feeling like being in a magical forest of thousands limestone islands.

Si Phan Don 3

A Si Phan Don exploration is a perfect combination of admiring the mesmerizing natural landscapes and discovering historical sites of French-Indochina period, offering visitors chance to understand Lao history while discovering the wonders of nature in the region.

Si Phan Don 4

Old French Port Facilities on Don Det Island

What to Do in Si Phan Don ?

Si Phan Don is the place of thousands islands, but most visitors here come to Don Khong (the largest) Don Det, and Don Khon. The highlights of these three islands are Wat Cham Thong Temple, Wat Phou Khao Kaew Temple, Muang Khong Village, Ban Hua Khong Village, Ban Huay, Ban Hang Khong, Khone Phapheng Falls, Somphamit Falls, Li Phi Falls and Muang Saen Village.

Khone Phapheng Falls in Si Phan Don

Khone Phapheng Falls

Muang Saen Village in Si Phan Don

Muang Saen Village

Wat Phou Khao Kaew Temple in Si Phan Don

Wat Phou Khao Kaew Temple

Li Phi Falls in Si Phan Don

Li Phi Falls

One of the most interesting activities in a Laos travel is to watch the tranquil scenery of Mekong River. For adventurous travelers, kayaking on the river at sunset or biking on the islands will be the memorable experience when travel to Si Phan Don. You can also rent a motorcycle and discover the hidden charm of this mysterious area.

Kayaking in Si Phan Don at Sunset

Kayaking in Si Phan Don at Sunset

For those who have passion about Laotian food, it will be a good opportunity to sample delicious Lao dishes prepared by friendly locals. Don’t miss the chance to memorize your travel to Laos by breathtaking pictures on the landscapes of 4000 Islands in the Mekong.

The Picturesque sunset in Si Phan Don

The Picturesque sunset in Si Phan Don

How to Get to Si Phan Don ?

4000 Islands Laos only can be reached by bus or a boat trip. Travelers can take a daily bus in Pakse, Phnom Penh, or Siem Reap to reach Si Phan Don. Additionally, from Cambodia, you can take a van from Kratie or Stung Treng then continue with a boat trip to Don Det or Don Khong.

There are also boats leaving Stung Treng in the morning sail straight to 4000 Islands in the Mekong. Travelers should arrive at the jetty early to not miss the morning boat.

Si Phan Don 2

Come to Si Phan Don and Experience !

Consider tour of Pakse to 4000 islands to discover this paradise of Laos. 

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