Top 5 Best Places for Honeymoon in Laos

Laos may not the first comes into your mind when planning a honeymoon trips as it recently became a prominent option. However, Laos is truly one of honeymoon destinations in Asia that worth a go thanks to its laid-back beauty. If you share with your darling a honeymoon in Laos, you will have a real tranquil vacation with the untamed valleys, lush green jungles, majestic mountains, and exotic local villages.

The 5 best places for honeymoon in Laos

Luang Prabang

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Being on the top of the list of must-visit in Laos, Luang Prabang is dubbed the “Land of a Million Elephants and White Parasols”. The city is also one of the most culturally exquisite cities in Asia, which was recognized as a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO. Luang Prabang will take you to the wonderful world of miraculous temples and traditional houses, as well as many French colonial buildings. The most famous attractions in the town are Wat Xieng Thong, Mount Phousi, Royal Palace, Alms ceremony…

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Don’t miss the chance to try special things when together discovering natural sites surrounding the city, including Kuang Si Falls, Pak Ou Caves, Tad Sae Waterfalls, and the Elephant Camp.


Honeymoon in Laos

The former capital is another destination where you will get into the lively and hectic life of Laos. Couples will find exciting days in Vientiane with visits to sacred temples, experiences in Laos restaurants, and nights on colorful streets. Discover every single corner of the town with a double bike will be an unforgettable trial. You will never forget the moments when passing the boutique French buildings, or enjoy excellent dinner while the sun is going down on the mighty Mekong River.

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Traveling in Vientiane, honeymooners can discover famous attractions surrounding the capital, such as the Buddha Park, the Patuxai, and many ancient Buddhist temples… to set off your Laos honeymoon holiday.

Bolaven Plateau

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Bolaven Plateau is a fantastic spot for a honeymoon in Laos, offering romantic moments in the natural. There are many tea and coffee plantations which create immense greenery on the lands. Bolaven is also the place where you can find beautiful waterfalls to relax in the turquoise water and enjoy the whole some loving vacation.

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Additionally, lovers will have chance to see lovely elephant s bathing in the deep natural pools. It’s truly incomparable!

Si Phan Don (4000 Islands)

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Si Phan Don is a forgotten archipelago of about 4000 rocky islands creating a breathtaking scene. The best time to visit the region is in the dry season when travelers can see most of the islands.

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The peaceful atmosphere on Don Khong (the biggest island in the area) will be an ideal condition for your laid-back holiday. During the journey, couple will appreciate the ancient temples, rural roads, green paddle fields, silver falls, local villages, French colonial bridge, and the legendary Mekong.


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Champasak is not a famous spot for explorers, but an ideal one for an infinite relaxing honeymoon in Laos.

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Riding around the local village in the town, lovers will absolutely fall in love with the rustic life and lovely smiles of the locals. Champasak encourages both of you to throw out everything but love during your romantic days.

Don’t miss out these destinations when planning your honeymoon in Laos!

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