The Best Time to Visit Laos

As a landlocked country, Laos have proved to the world that even if a country is not near the sea, it is still capable of having tons of beautiful sights to behold. However, Laos is also the country depends heavily on weather. That leads to a concern: When is the time to visit Laos? In this case, let’s dig in and find out what is the Best Time to Visit Laos!

Weather in Laos

In order to find out the best time to visit Laos, first we need to understand how weather, seasons work in Laos. As a South East Asia country, the monsoonal aspect plays an important part in Laos’ weather. And as a land-lock country, Laos’ seasons are pretty straight-forward: wet season and dry season.

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As you might have heard, most people consider dry season as the best period to visit Laos. While during wet season, Laos has heavy rains and wet, muddy roads which is hard to move around. That being said, wet season still has its special beauty and it’s worth a try if you can get over the rough road.

Dry Season in Laos

The dry season in Laos starts from November to April. Normally this is the time Laos has the highest number of visitors, especially from November to February. For those who enjoy kayaking and river experiences, November and December are the two perfect months. During these time of the year, rivers’ water level rises to the highest, and also fauna and flora florish around river bank. Though the temperature is warm, it will get colder as travelers come to the northern part of Laos.

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From January to February, the temperature is cooler, making this time to be Laos’ most visited time of entire year. That being said, it can be quite cold at night and early morning, so it’s best prepare clothes beforehand.

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The dry season comes to its end during March and April, and it is the hottest time in a year. While traveling to Laos is still viable, the extremely hot weather can be a huge annoyance to the whole enjoyment. Also the water level decreases quickly, thus renders some river activities impossible to perform. In addition, during March, smoke and haze makes it hard to enjoy the view, especially bad in activities such as Hot Air Balloon in Vang Vieng.

Wet Season in Laos

The Wet Season kicks in from May until the end of October. During wet season, rains start to occur. It becomes heaviest during August and then gradually gets smaller until October. As the rains fall down, the natural region of Laos gets a new fresh, green lush appearance. This fantastic landscape reaches its best beauty on September.

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Though as fantastic as it may look, the roads during the rain season are really muddy and tricky to travel. Also with constant raining, traveling in Laos can be frustrating. For these reasons, no wonder why not much tourists come to Laos during these time of the year. But if they can manage through these obstacles, what they see will be grand.

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On October, rain can still occur but not as much as previous months. The cooler temperature (around 20 degree) makes October the appropriate time to travel, especially this is not the ‘tourism season’. Visitors still have oppurtunities to observe the green natural beauty of Laos.

Final Verdict

From we can see, Laos always has special aspects to attract visitors throughout the year. However, the time from November to February is still the most appropriate time to travel. March and April are still viable time, but visitors will have to deal with the hot weather.

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Wet season from July to September is the nice time for those prefers challenges and thrilling adventures. And lastly we have October which is the time to enjoy green lush flora formed by the wet season. Though there is rain, it can’t harm visitors’ overall experience.

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