Laos Travel Tips

Laos travel tips are useful information, advice and suggestion which can help to make your travel in Laos complete more. Laos travel offers many things to do and entertain but before flying to Laos, you may have numerous questions like “How to travel from Luang Prabang to Vientiane?”, “Where to go in Laos to get authentic images about this country?” or even “Which are the best tours in Laos I should take?”. Just take time reading our Laos travel guide and Laos travel advice and find your answer.

10 best Luang Prabang Street Foods

Khao Nom Kok (Coconut Pancake) Khao Nom Kok (also known as Kanom Krok in Thai) are small cakes made from coconut milk, sugar, flour and glutinous rice. Khao Nom Kok is fried in an eye-catching cast iron pan. Gr ... Read more →