Pakse – The Mysterious Fairy Land in Laos

Pakse is the capital of Champasak Province, located in the south of Laos. The city is situated at the confluence of Mekong and Xe Don River with the fascinating panorama of mountains, forests, rivers and local villages. Pakse has been the royal capital of the Laos Kingdom of Champasak before the Kingdom of Laos was formed in 1946.


Pakse is a Prominent Destination in Laos.

Pakse is a true relaxing place with its tranquil atmosphere of the rivers, majestic beauty of mountains and forests, hospitality of friendly locals, and interesting cuisine. If you are planning a travel to Bolaven Plateau, Wat Phou, or Si Phan Don, don’t miss the chance to discover Pakse, a brand new tourist attraction in Laos.

Things to Do in Pakse

Pakse tours offer travelers chance to discover some interesting sites of the city to understand more about Lao culture. Visit Wat Luang, the biggest most beautiful temple and also home of Buddhist Monk School. Discover the largest temple in the city, Wat Phabad, which is believed to keep a Buddha Footprint. Explore the Big Buddha – Phou Salao temple and admire the fascinating view of the city from atop. Additionally, travelers can reach some other destinations including Ban Keosamphanh, the famous Mount PhouAsa, the Mouth of the Xe Don and the Mekong River and Wat Phou Temple.

Wat Phabad Temple in Pakse

Wat Phabad Temple

Wat Phou in Pakse

Wat Phou Temple

Visiting Pakse, travelers will have plentiful of interesting activities to join, such as riding an elephant through lush green jungles, cycling to scenic outposts, boating on the poetic rivers, or riding a motorbike to reach Pak Song, stop at a beautiful waterfall and enjoy a picnic there. Savoring Lao food will be a memorable experience in a Pakse travel. Apart from Laotian cuisine, restaurants in Pakse also offer Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese, Indian, and Western dishes. Furthermore, travelers can have real relaxations when enjoying Lao traditional massage, a very good way to refresh the body after exhausted days.

Pakse Elephant Riding

Pakse waterfall

With its natural charm and full of attractive things to do, Pakse is a really fantastic destination that travelers should not miss in a Laos travel.

How to Get to Pakse ?

Developed as a tourist city in recent years, the authorities have improved the city infrastructure, especially traffic system to enhance the Pakse tourism.

Located around 8km north of the center, Pakse International Airport offers flights from/to some cities in Laos and neighbor countries, including Vientiane, Savanakhet, Siem Reap, Bangkok, and Ho Chi Minh City. Travelers can book a ticket online, through a travel agent, or at the airport.

Pakse 2

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