The Wonderous Hot Air Balloon in Vang Vieng, Laos

Being a landlocked country, but that doesn’t mean Laos lacks any charm or appeal to visitors. Many travelers have come to this land of many wonders to unfold its true beauty. And one of the best ways to discover Laos, especially Vang Vieng, to the fullest, is via Hot Air Balloon. And so here we are: The Wonderous Hot Air Balloon in Vang Vieng!

What is this activity?

Hot Air Balloon Vang Vieng is an interesting ride, starts at the town of Vang Vieng. This activity is also hard to miss, since this is one of most popular activities among travelers. The tourists will be able to enjoy the entire view of Vang Vieng on the sky, looking down at the colorful town, alongside with the well-known Nam Song River. The feeling of being up to the sky, and the sight of glorious karst mountain and rice paddles, are simply breathtaking.

hot air balloon 5

What can we expect?

There are many channels in which you can use to book a hot air balloon ride, from online services to direct services in Vang Vieng town. In overall, the price for a hot air balloon trip is pretty expensive, however, hot air balloon service in Vang Vieng is one of the cheapest ride in the world (approximately 80$). By saying ‘cheapest’, it does not mean that the quality of this trip is unworthy. The balloons are world-class ones, which follows stricts international standard. In addition, the balloon pilots are internationally trained and has years of experience, so the safety can be ensured.

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The time for this trip depends a lot on weather, but don’t worry if there’s delay. In case of delay, the organizers will immediately change the time for you or refund. That being said, since they already aware of the weather aspect so for most of the time, they will tell you the exact time when the hot air balloon is ready. The best time to experience hot air balloon ride in Vang Vieng is during the majestic sunrise, or, during the mysterious sunset. Both provide the best chance to see Vang Vieng to its fullest beauty on above: a splendid way to start a new day, and also a splendid way to end a day full of surprises. Although Vang Vieng does not have temples or pagodas, the nature of Vang Vieng already makes up for its own.

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What we could note though is that, It is extremely hard to be able to enjoy this balloon trip by your own. For most of the time, you will be on this ride with other people, but you can expect the complete silent all passengers behold the incredible scenes, it’s like just only you with the nature.

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Is it worth it?

According to most travelers, the answer is yes! For some people, 80$ for this trip is quite expensive, but in the end, what we will gain here is the one-and-only experience of our lifetime. Surely it will be an adventure that we can never forget.

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