Things to Do in Laos

Things to Do in Laos are the common concern of tourist once planning a travel to Laos, where there are many spots to visit and a lot of activities to enjoy. If you are wondering what to see in Laos to get the awesome photos or what to do in Laos to have authentic and memorable experience, just find answer for yourself here. Our Laos travel guide is always kept updated when needed to provide the most useful information before you set your plan.

October: Boun Ok Phansa and Boat Racing Festival

Boun Ok Phansa is a mark of the end of three month retreat during the rainy season of the monks. It is celebrated with fabulous boat races and other amazing activities along the Mekong River in Vientiane. After ... Read more →

February: Go to Pakse to attend Wat Phou Festival

Recognized by the UNESCO as the world heritage, Wat Phou is the most ancient temple in Laos. Not only famous for its old history, the temple is also a popular destination for its well-known festival called the ... Read more →

Visit Xieng Khouang to see how people living with landmines

“Specialty” of Xieng Khouang town is shell of bombs, mines and grenades. The war has left this place with tons of bom shell, not to mention a lot of unexploded bombs on the fields of Xieng Khoang. L ... Read more →

Enjoy magnificent waterfalls in Bolaven Plateau

Among many regions of the Land of Million Elephants, the Bolaven plateau in southern Laos are always the most impressive to me not only thanks to the mểmizing natural beauty. With favourable conditions like yea ... Read more →

Relaxe on Nam Song with a Tubing Vang Vieng Experience

Vang Vieng is one of the most attractive tourist destinations that backpackers can not ignore in Laos. So what is so alluring that makes them love to explore? Vang Vieng attracts tourists with lots of amazing a ... Read more →

Go to Laos in September to see Boun Khao Salak – The Festival to Honor family history

Every year Lao people celebrate a lot of festivals, in Lao language called ‘Boun’, which are very fascinating. ‘Boun Khao Salak’ is a Buddhist festival,  taking place in September, much of the time during a ful ... Read more →

Attending Boun Pi Mai in April – The must do in Laos

Boun Pi Mai, Pi Mai Lao, Water Festival or the Laotian New Year is the main holiday event of the year and the one that everyone looks forward to. During this time, most Laotians get together with their families ... Read more →

What to do in Laos in 5 days?

Not everyone dreams about Laos in their next trip but surely anyone who traveled to this country would love to come back again. This is place for adventurers, also for culturist, nature lovers, Buddhist believe ... Read more →

Laos waterfalls topped the list of the best cascades in Southeast Asia

In addition to the alluring beauty of Erawan, Wachirathan (Thailand) or Tappiya Falls (Batad, Philippines), the fabulousness of Kuang Si Falls, Khon Papheng and Tad Alang (Laos) would immediately be the must-se ... Read more →