The Most Famous Vang Vieng Caves to Discover

Caves are always fascinating to the mind of men as they hold mysteries and secrets which are waiting to be uncovered. And of course, for those who travel to Lao, or Vang Vieng in particular, it will be a huge disappointment if they do not visit all the best caves in Vang Vieng. So here we are: The Most Famous Vang Vieng Caves to Discover!

* Interesting note: In Laotian, “Tham” means “cave” and that’s why most of the name listed here have the word “Tham” at the beginning.

Tham Jang

Vang Vieng caves 2

Tham Jang (or Tham Chang) is often considered as the most well-known one among all caves in Vang Vieng. It is located in the Southern part of Vang Vieng, you can get to it via the roadside along Nam Song river.

It is said that in 19th century, during the Chinese-Ho invasion, the cave was used as a “defensive point” for refugees against Chinese invaders. Some may say that Tham Jang is not as beautiful as other caves in Vang Vieng, however, what makes Tham Jang unique is its location. Inside Tham Jang there is a stair which leads to the main entrance. From there, it offers gorgeous view of entire Vang Vieng. Since Tham Jang is situated on high ground, this is probably the best opportunity to capture the beauty of Vang Vieng as a whole.

ThamPhu Kham

Vang Vieng caves 3

If you ask anyone who visited Vang Vieng before, high chance that they also recommend ThamPhu Kham as a must-visit place. So why is that?

When you come to the first chamber of the cave, you will encounter a Thai bronze Buddha statue which is often visited by local Buddhists as they come to pray and pay respect. As you venture further, you can see tons of pristine stalagmites and stalactites located in various galleries and chambers deep inside the mountain. However, it is best to have torch or flashlight because it will be extremely dark as you wander in the cave.

Vang Vieng caves 4

Finally, we have the best attraction of ThamPhu Kham: the Blue Lagoon! It is a blue crystal-clear pool (hence the name “Blue Lagoon”), surrounded by trees, branches and ropes which you can use to jump into the pool. Seem this is the main reason why the cave is so popular among travellers, and said to be sacred to the local people.

Tham Nam

Vang Vieng caves 5

Of all caves in Vang Vieng, Tham Nam seems to be the most exciting choice of all travellers due to its very own special trait.

Tham Nam, or also known as “Water Cave”, is a 500m long, water-filled cave and it requires a bit of work in order to get inside. Since it is like a river, you will need to use a tube (tubes will be provided) and pull yourselves along with the ropes fixed throughout the cave. This may sound dangerous at first, but it is a pretty fun experience and should not be ignored. However, fascinating as it may sound, it is not a good idea to go alone. Especially during the rain season as the water level will rise with strong flow.

Tham Sang

Vang Vieng caves 6

After a short walk from Tham Nam, you can choose to have a short trip in Tham Sang, or also known as “Elephant Cave”. Though it is a pretty short trip (might only take 5 mins), Tham Sang is still an interesting place. The name “Elephant Cave” comes from the elephant-shape stalagmites formation. Also you can see several Buddha statues, especially the Buddha’s footprint.

Tham Hoi & Tham Loup

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Interestingly enough, both Tham Hoi and Tham Loup are said to be used as hiding places to avoid bombing during the Vietnam War. Nowadays, they are well-known for their amazing stalactites formations.

caves vang vieng 7

At the entrance of Tham Hoi, visitors will encounter a great Buddha statue. When you descend into the cave, you will realize that it will get darker and darker so flashlight is much recommended. As for the Tham Loup, visitors will need to walk down from a wooden stair. Inside the cave are immersive caverns filled with stalagmites and stalactites.

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