Top 5 Best Vientiane Restaurants

Vientiane restaurants offer diverse choice for those who have passion about culinary, with a fine collection of Western, Thai, Vietnamese and Laos food. Take a walk around the downtown and savor excellent dishes at famous restaurants in Vientiane.

Top 5 best Vientiane restaurants

Kualao Restaurant

As a long lasted restaurant in Vientiane, Kualao is renowned for both the fabulous dishes as well as the beautiful space. The restaurant is designed in a colonial style mansion with a traditional atmosphere and decoration. The menu serves many dishes of traditional Lao food, including Som Tam (papaya salad), deep-fried fish, Lao sausage, and spring rolls. If you are looking for an address to understand the local cuisine, Kualao Restaurant in Vientiane is truly an ideal option.

Vientiane Restaurants - Kualao Restaurant

Opening time: 11:00 – 22:30

Add: 141 Samsenthai Road

Phone: +856 21 215 777

Makphet Restaurant

Listed as one of the best restaurants in Vientiane in particular and Laos in general, Makphet is a special address for diners travel to Vientiane. Tucked away in a French colonial villa, the restaurant is the place where you can fine the masterpieces of Cambodian and Lao cuisine. All the dishes are carefully prepared with fresh and naturally grown ingredients. Furthermore, Makphet Restaurant Vientiane also features an elegant setting allowing visitors to be a part of the noble cause. Travelers can even look for some lovely souvenir in Noi Noi, a shop selling craft items in the restaurant.

Vientiane Restaurants - Makphet Restaurant

Opening time: 11:00 – 21:00

Add: Behind the Wat Ong Teu Temple

Khop Chai Deu Vientiane

Khop Chai Deu is favorite Vientiane restaurant of foreign travelers, especially backpackers. It is a colonial building where decorated with traditional furniture. Come to the restaurant, you will have plentiful choices of both international and Laos dishes suiting different types of diners. Khop Chai Deu Vientiane is also famous for the strange names of the dishes, such as the “backpacker Page”, the “Laos Discovery Set”, and the “Expatriate Relief Page”.

Vientiane Restaurants - Khop Chai Deu

Add: Southwest of Nam Phou Fountian

Phone: +856 21 212 106

Benoni Café

Benoni is a famous Vientiane café located on the 2nd floor of a building next to the Phimphone Market. The restaurant is a boutique space where offers a fascinating view over the Mekong River. This recently opened café is one of the most famous Laos restaurants serving a diverse menu of Italian and Asian fusion dishes including sandwiches, spaghettis, burgers, pastas… The most renowned specialties cannot be missed at Benoni Café are Pad Thai and Penne Carbonara.

Vientiane Restaurants - Benoni cafe

Opening time: 10:00 – 6:00 from Monday to Saturday

Add: Rue Setthathirath, Vientiane downtown

Scandinavian Bakery Shop

In a Vientiane travel, travelers should not miss the chance to enjoy a breakfast at the Scandinavian Bakery. This shop is considered the best palace for breakfast in the town with eggs, bacon, and fresh coffee. In addition these calorific dishes, the Scandinavian Bakery Vientiane also offers popular healthy choices like muesli and salads. You can also savor some doughnuts, Danish pastries, cakes, and sweet bread in the cafeteria.

Vientiane Restaurants - Scandinavian Bakery

Opening time: 7:00 – 21:00

Add: 74/1 Rue Pangkham

Phone: +856 21 215 199

Travel to Vientiane and savor yummy dishes at these Vientiane restaurants.

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